Jamari National Forest: Three years of the first Brazilian forest concession

According to the Brazilian Forest System (FCS), more than 70 cubic meters of wood was extracted with guaranteed origin since Jamari began operations


The country’s first federal forest concession, of the Jamari National Forest, celebrated three years on September 21. For the Federal Government, the main objective of the concession is to control wood harvesting activities in the Amazon, utilizing the biome in a legal and sustainable manner.

The Jamari National Forest has three Forest Management Units (FMU), where private companies operate using low- impact management techniques. These companies bring social and environmental benefits to the forest, such as: employing formal workers, operating with a forestry management plan that respects the forest, conserving biodiversity and establishing a value chain that prioritizes sustainability.

Concessionaire of UMF III, managing 50,044,703 of a total area of 96,000 hectares, AMATA believes it has more assurance in relation to the challenges and opportunities involved when compared to the operation’s start in Rondônia in 2008.

“There is no way to remain with the same perception after five years of operating in an unprecedented process in the country. Changes in the most recent bids show the development that has occurred in this period,” says Luciano Schaaf, responsible for the Planning and Operations area at AMATA. 

Despite federal forest concessions being a breakthrough in the fight against the sale of illegal timber, the challenges of selling certified wood are still great in Brazil. "Customers in the European and United States markets recognize the value of concession wood, in particular wood that is traceable and certified. This wood offers lower risk with respect to the origin of the product they are buying. Unfortunately, the Brazilian market does not sees this value, as prices is the main factor when making a purchase," says Ana Sarkovas, responsible for Sales, Marketing and Communications at AMATA.

AMATA is proud to be one of the concessionaires and sellers of FSC ® certified wood originating from the Jamari National Forest, and a company that is working on behalf of traceable wood in Brazil.


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